Pop Up Home Studio Workout 2

Total Workout Time: 28 minutes

Equipment List : Your Body Weight, Yoga Mat (optional), Resistance Band

Have you tried our Pop Up Home Studio Workout 1 Yet? No Resistance Band needed!


How to Pop Up a Studio at Home!

Chris shows you how to use this Pop Up Home Studio Program. All you need is a mat, or a place to lay flat and/or stand and jump! We've created this playlist just for you. Each interval below goes with 1 song. After each song, hit pause, watch the interval exercise demo, and get going! Get and Stay Fit with Hey Paddle!

Interval 1 : Bicep Curl | Overhead Press

Interval 2: Weighted Squat | Side Leg Lift

Interval 3: Standing High Row | Lateral Crunch

Interval 4: Tricep Kickback | Burpee

Interval 5: Back Kick | Mountain Climber

Interval 6: Seated High Row | Rollup

Interval 7: High Reverse Fly | One Leg V Sit