I don't have a paddle board. Do I need to buy one?

No. We provide a Vilano Navigator paddle board, paddle, and a life vest, which is included in your class fee. Our boards are equipped to tether into our Water Stability Platform, so you don't drift away and can focus on your form. 

I have never paddle boarded in my life. Can I take the class?

YES! This class is designed for all levels, and is especially designed for building your paddle board technique. 

Are all of the classes on a paddleboard?

YES! We offer land and water classes, and recommend a combination of both for the maximum benefit. For land classes, you will be on paddleboards that use our Instability Platform so you are working your core and balance. For water classes, the boards are tethered to our Stability Platform so you don't worry about drifting away. 

What about rain or cold?

For land classes, we will move under the Mopac footbridge if it's raining. For water classes, we will cancel if there is lightening, otherwise it is RAIN OR SHINE! We will text you for any location or schedule changes so please make sure your mobile number is correct in Mind & Body. If it's cold? Bundle up!

Is this the same thing as SUP Yoga?

No, SUP Yoga is Yoga on a paddle board.  While we do have a Vinyasa Flow class, the majority of our classes are total body fitness on a paddleboard. We do lunges, squats, cardio, burpees, and of course, paddle. 

What should I wear to class?

Something comfortable that allows you to move is best. You might fall in so make sure you don’t mind getting wet. Even if you don’t fall in, plan on working up a sweat! We recommend going barefoot, but you may wear water socks. No other shoes are permitted on the boards during our water classes.

What should I bring to class?

Bring water to bring on the board with you, sunscreen, a hat, and a positive attitude!

Are there lockers?

No, we will have a basket for your keys and which will be locked up during the class, but please keep the remainder of your valuables in your car or at home.  

I'm pregnant. Can I take a class?

We love helping women stay fit during the pregnancy. Please do check with your doctor and discuss his or her recommendation before you join us in a class.