Paddle Conditioning 

A fun challenging 60 minute total body workout experience for all age groups & fitness levels. Our signature introductory class that focuses on getting you comfortable on the board, breakdown of stroke technique and activation of your core to enhance your paddle boarding experience.  Learn how to improve your speed, power and maneuvering skills with strength and balance exercise while stationary & in full motion. You’ll be jumping for joy on your board before you know it! Perfect for those wanting a refresher on fundamentals and Hey Paddle newbies.


FIT Board

High Intensity Functional Training at its best!!  Endure 60 minutes of cross-training timed stations with kettlebells, resistance bands, plyometrics, calisthenics and paddle boarding.  Driven by data, you will keep score while the clock is running. Get your dose of daily burn for your entire body and maximize output.


RIP Board

A fierce 60 minute Resistance Interval Paddle Board workout while tethered to our stability platform.  A high intensity choreographed class to make you sweat and feel your muscles burn by isolating muscle groups using resistance bands, plyometrics and bodyweight exercises all while killing your core.  Curated inspirational playlists by our instructors to motivate you to leave it all on the board.  Join our dance party on a paddle board!


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Paddle Yoga

Vow to better yourself combining strength, movement, balance and breath to flow like the water.  While tethered to our stability platform, become more in tune with your poses, focus on correcting imbalances and allow the sensation of floating to alleviate the heaviness of everyday life on your shoulders.  Finish feeling rejuvenated and empowered.

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Core & More

Integrating PILATES + CARDIO INTERVALS + PADDLING! Challenge yourself for 60 minutes with this combo class. Expect to tone the abs and booty with Pilates and resistance bands on the paddle board. Then, pump up the heart rate with Cardio Intervals PLUS Paddling! Water break and repeat.  You will get the benefits of fat burning cardio/ paddling with Core & More to carve out those lean muscles.

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Abs & Booty

A controlled intense class to define a strong core within and whip your backside into shape. Class focus is on training techniques and exercises that target each muscle of the abdomen, lower back, glutes & hamstrings with precision to bring you closer to a tighter tummy and fitter, firmer booty. This class is the perfect complement to any workout plan.